We need minions!


What is a Minion? min·ion n. follower, henchman, favorite, pet, creature, darling, cohort, hireling, flunky, (informal) Moana delegated the job of stirring the cauldron to one of her minions.

Be a Volunteer and be part of the team that puts on the Witches Ball, one of Mount Holly’s longest running and fantastic events.

This is a fun and weird adult oriented nighttime event WITCH IS VERY DIFFERENT from any other event around.  There are many positions from stagehands, gatekeepers, costume contest registration, Tarot registration, set-up, breakdown and more!

Joining up with our team is a simple three-step process.

1.Let us know that you’re interested by clicking the link below and filling out the application. Fill in all the info, as this is a required form for all those working!

2.Attend our volunteer meeting in September to learn more and meet our team.

3.Show up on October 6th, pick up your t-shirt and be prepared to have fun!